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Plum blossom ingot mould is mainly used to steel solidification forming model of cast iron and steel mills must have one kind of product, the plum flower ingot mould is divided into twelve Angle, hexagonal, octagonal, hexagonal, etc are surface style, our company is mainly based on professional design than the weight of the ingot
Plum blossom ingot ingot mould type parameter ingot size and shape of the cross section of ingot mold geometry size.The product main parameters are ingot ingot weight, cross section shape and size, height or taper ratio, steel ingot, die wall thickness or die at the bottom of the ingot weight ratio, corner radius and shape, etc.Ingot weight at the beginning of the steelmaking and rolling equipment under the premise of conditions allow, as far as possible choose to meet The Times the length of steel ingot greater weight.Large steel ingot whole mould, casting, machine casting mold release, such as operation is relatively simple, ingot hot temperature increase, production capacity and billet rate is higher also.Such as & 1150 blooming mill rolling slab ingot most between 15 ~ 20 t, the spindle between 8 ~ 13 t.
Our company product of liquid steel and has a strong internal model of ingot mould wall wetting ability, after solidification ingot ingot mould in the adhesion strength between the strong, not easy mold release, after demoulding ingot surface is easy to appear big scar, cracks and defects such as scale, lower yield of ingot mould.At present mainly adopts two kinds of ways to improve the quality of ingot mould working face, one is by developing a new type of coatings, improve the quality of ingot mould working face.Another kind is the impregnation technology preparation of metal ceramic composite work surface, ceramic surface can resist the oxidation of cast iron, improve ingot mould service life

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