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Ingot mould material divide into nodular cast iron, heat resistant cast iron and grey cast iron three kinds, relatively speaking, due to the plasticity and toughness of ductile cast iron itself, than carbon steel has high strength, can increase the use of the ingot mould number, reduce fracture opportunity, increase the service life of the ingot mould
Heat-resisting cast iron ingot mould of the most widely used, because of the heat resisting cast iron itself add heat furnace charge, so compared with nodular cast iron, can not only decreasing cost but also to break open after the subscription fee, returns to the recasting.Nodular cast iron ingot mould after using the subscription fee, because the toughness of ductile itself, using cutting fracture, that increased labor costs.
Ordinary grey cast iron ingot mould and the above two kinds of material, pouring temperature to bottom on ductile ingot mould and heat resistant cast iron ingot mould, because the melting point of iron is bottom, so the bottom temperature burn note can use ordinary grey cast iron material.
The price of ductile cast iron is the highest in the three kinds of material, but in the ingot mould service life and price of ductile iron is the highest cost performance.
Ingot mould material selection according to their respective manufacturers use condition, the cooling way, way of slag removal and casting methods such as comprehensive consideration.: I have a lot of companies in the casting ingot mould design, production experience, according to the working condition is different, help manufacturers choose material and design drawings, welcome the electricity to deign to inquire.

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