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Floating type can be divided into nodular cast iron ingot mould material, vermicular cast iron, heat resistant cast iron three kinds of materials.
Products can be applied to stainless steel, high speed steel, high chromium alloy steel, molybdenum alloy, nickel alloy, chromium iron alloy, copper, anode copper and other various industries.
Due to various industry requirements of ingot mould and model from the different shape, the shape of ingot mould is also different.From casting ingot mould in the way can be divided into the injection mold, betting mold, injection mold on the use of molten steel pouring into the ingot mould can be directly from the furnace.While betting ingot mould need to form a complete set of injection pipe used in conjunction with pouring chassis

Ingot mould in the shape mould can be divided into an organic whole, double ingot mould, the plum blossom, dies, flat die, die, floating ingot mould, cold ring mold, etc.
Integral type mold is mainly used in steel ingot directly using industry and double ingot mould is mainly used for remelting.floor mold for,manganese, chromium iron alloy, etc

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