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Flat ingot mold is a kind of improved with a new product, its characteristic is at the top of the original die bodies and install a with two or more conical vent mode of surface cover, when hot molten steel pouring into mold body, rising hot air will die in normal temperature accumulation in the mould cover.air discharge from the vent, when molten steel into the space of surface cover mould, hot air preheating, fast heating and heat 
Molten steel apply precipitation floating slag concentrated flat on the upper vent cap heat preservation effect.
So, on the one hand, effectively protecting slag is hanged when replacing the original casting, hang insulating board, plus compound function and role, and reduced the cost and eliminates the protection slag, compound dust pollution, on the other hand, liquid steel in the mould cover fill the space of shrinkage cavity, achieve ingot shrinkage cavity decreases, the purpose of high rate of billet, the utility model has simple structure, safe and reliable use, good quality of billet

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