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Alloy ingot mould the product main parameters are ingot ingot weight, cross section shape and size, height or taper ratio, steel ingot, die wall thickness or die at the bottom of the ingot weight ratio, corner radius and shape, etc.Ingot weight at the beginning of the steel making and rolling equipment under the premise of conditions allow, as far as possible choose to meet The Times the length of steel ingot greater weight.Large steel ingot whole mould, casting, machine casting mold release, such as operation is relatively simple, ingot hot temperature increase, production capacity and billet rate is higher also.Ingot mould service life and the material, structure, casting quality and a direct relationship between the factors such as the management and use.Ingot mould, plum flower ingot mould, ingot mould, round steel mold, mold, electrode double open ingot mould, chromium iron ingot mould, more than 100 tons of ingot mould, heat resistant cast iron ingot mould, nodular cast iron ingot mould, cast film, anode mold, mold, laboratory use ingot mould, alloy ingot mold, extrusion mold, cast iron ingot mould.
Our company according to the requirements of different customers in domestic developed alloy ingot mould is proportional to the material, the relationship between the quality of the materials used in the production of ingot mould is now about three;Gray cast iron castings, ductile iron castings and steel, but the performance of each casting and structure is different from the performance first;Gray cast iron pieces of good liquidity, shrinkage and line narrowing, notch sensitivity, low comprehensive mechanical properties, high compressive strength than the tensile strength of 3-4 times a good vibration absorbing effect about 10 times greater than steel, low elastic modulus.Ductile iron parts, the liquidity and linear shrinkage and gray cast iron, the same body contraction and the formation of internal stress tend to be larger than the gray cast iron, easy generation of shrinkage cavity and crack, strength and plastic elastic modulus are larger than the gray cast iron, good abrasion resistance, vibration absorbing ability than the difference of gray cast iron.Steel casting illiquid, volume shrinkage and linear shrinkage is larger, high comprehensive mechanical properties, compressive strength and tensile strength are equal, vibration absorption is poor, notch sensitivity, low carbon steel welding performance is good.
Alloy ingot mould using nodular cast iron material, because the graphite in cast iron or worm-like, greatly improve the ingot mould service life and die consumption greatly reduced.This is because the vermicular graphite can reduce O2 infiltration, reduce internal oxidation, increase the oxidation resistance and high temperature strength of cast iron.The strength of the vermicular cast iron is close to nodular cast iron and grey cast iron, heat conduction coefficient is close to thermal fatigue, has good performance, including cracking resistance and resistance to deformation ability, especially suitable for alloy ingot mould condition.

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