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In the process of development, our company to productivity of science and technology, take the quality as the enterprise life.Our company now can produce sheet weight 0.5 kg to 160 tons of heat resisting cast iron parts, 30 tons of nodular cast iron parts, under 30 tons the following RuMo cast iron parts, 15 tons of alloy cast iron parts, and the following 10 tons of steel.My company production equipment has 10 tons, 20 tons each a warm wind cupola, 10 tons of electric furnace, a 3 tons of intermediate frequency electric furnace, resin sand production, a vacuum casting production lines, 100 tons of driving 2, 15 tons driving three and so on.
More than 100 tons of ingot mould production in smelting equipment and production tooling, production equipment, technology, processing equipment have high requirements. In the process of 30 years of development, the local government and the customers of skill, 13 years began building made of industrial land, 100 acres of new factory, after 18 years of plant construction and equipment installation, our company has officially put into use in Sep.1st,2014
At present our company main supply 100 tons of ingot mould new steel special steel, taigang, too heavy and other domestic large state-owned iron and steel enterprises and export South Korea, India and other countries.Professional casting technology, make our company in the industry, got the good reputation, customers wholeheartedly

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