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Straightening plates is one of the auxiliary parts of cooling bed equipment, straightening plates is one of the important factors that directly affect the quality of cooling bed eventually.Straightening plates is mainly used for pipe cooling in the process of straightening, casting straightening plates are very strict in the process of material selection, after many trials will ultimately determine material for gray cast iron, grey cast iron grades generally for HT200-300, near the surface and needs machining processing.
Function of cooling bed straightening plates is the mill after the fly camber of multiple cut length of the bar length after delivery and discharged to the cooling bed rack cooling, the steel temperature decreased from 900 ℃ to 900 ~ 900 ℃, then rolled piece collection group and discharge to the output roller, again by the output roller will be transported to the cold shearing machine cutting the length of finished product.
Cooling bed when rolling rebar, rebar ribs not top on the side of the toothed plate of the cooling bed leveling plate, including ontology, straightening plate straightening plate Settings on the body has at least a toothed board, toothed plate at the top of the tooth, tooth top face and toothed plate between the two sides have chamfering respectively.The utility model relates to a cooling bed skirt plate, whose character is: it consists of a bracket (1), apron roller (2), the first crank connecting rod (3), the second crank connecting rod (4), lift the skirt plate (5), (6), straightening apron chute plate (7) and institution (8), the cooling bed skirt plate installed after the apron roller straightening plate, make bar hot billet for straightening, finished product of straightness, raised the bar straightening plates at the same time can also be of smaller diameter bar marshalling, avoiding the marshalling on round steel conversion bench, simplify the technological process of production.
At present, the company production of straightening plates is mainly used in round steel rebar cooling bed, alloy steel round or flat steel cooling bed, the three types steel cooling bed, my company in terms of cooling bed straightening plate casting has rich experience, our company technical personnel to confirm the audit, provide pattern file mapping entity pattern of each piece, complete entity assembly.In the process, the company not only for users provide pattern to realize the comprehensive audit, can also be very accurate detection design problem, as well as subsequent production company provides the most basic single product manufacturing data directly, to mold, processing and quality inspection process provides a unified data platform.
We as a company set design, casting, machining for the integration of large-scale enterprise, our company designed the cast steel with tool cooling bed skirt plate straightening plate ingot mould machine tool castings, sintering trolley, etc., can manufacture according to customer's samples or your drawings.Welcome you the arrival!

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