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Round ingot mould is indispensable for steel mills to molding production, the turnover use large ingot casting equipment, its surface and internal quality of ingot and steel ingot cost has important effect.Product life (time) or product consumption (kg/t steel) is a main technical and economic index of steelmaking production.
The classification of the round  ingot mould: according to the ingot mould on the profile shape can be divided into large under small hang insulating board with insulation cap or gap on the ingot mould and small ingot mould of exposure or bottle type.
The former has traditionally used for pouring killed steel ingot, traditionally called killed steel ingot mould, now also used for pouring rimming steel ingot, which is traditionally used in casting steel, traditionally known as rimming steel ingot mould, is now widely used in casting killed steel.
According to the round steel ingot mould cavity cross-sectional shape can be divided into square, rectangular type, round and polygonal, etc.According to the ingot mould wall can be divided into convex edge shape, concave edge, straight edge, corrugated side type, etc.
Ingot mould safety operation procedures
1. The stage, you have to hang the four.After double plate, want to flat back, no standing crane.
2. Put in the mold and injection tube, double rope to hang, and next to the first fall to appropriate height, parking, and then again on the tube brick falling slowly.
3. Put the riser, you must first build good working table, are not allowed to be in damp or water pit mold was laid.
4. Mold, mold release to the attention of passers-by, mold is established after the pick line.People avoid after lifting.Set 4 inch, 6 inch flat mold, the operator should stand at the side of the small piece surface.

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