Ductile cast iron ascending pipe

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Keywords: Ductile cast iron ascending pipe
Ascending pipe material is, the main factors affecting the service life of the high surface hardness and wear resistance after heat treatment is better.Brick molding working face is big, high hardness, high wear resistance, enough strength and toughness, appropriate company product marketing throughout the country, enjoying high reputation in the domestic market.Our company's ascending pipe advantages enable customers to get a higher interest, including the advanced nature of the column tube, reliability, stability has reached the advanced technical level;Products with superior quality, low price, beautiful modelling, and perfect after-sale service has won the praise and trust of customers;Cr, Mo, Si and other elements in cast iron can strengthen the cast iron substrate, strengthen the plastic deformation resistance of cast iron, improve the service life of the column in the pipe.At the same time, the Cr and Si oxide can improve the density of column in the pipe surface oxidation film, high temperature oxidation of cast iron.RE is added to iron liquid, can take off O2, S, purify the molten iron, reducing chilling tendency, improve the column tube in the organization, improve the oxidation resistance in the column tube

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